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Fahrenheit in the Philippines!

I know I’m being selfish here.  But I don’t want Fahrenheit to become famous in my country!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to see bangketa pics of these boys.  I don’t want “fans” claiming to be “fans”.  I’ve been a fan of Feilunhai for almost a year now.  What do these people know about them? Nothing.   I hate those kind of people! And after everything, they will just ditch them when Fahrenheit’s not popular anymore? Aw c’mon give me a break.

Yes I am childish and selfish and bratty.  But who cares?  This is my opinion and respect that.

How I hate jologs fangirls T_T Please act mature, people.

Oh God, I’m scared 🙁

81 Replies to “Fahrenheit in the Philippines!”

  • Hi,
    I don’t think you are selfish.
    I like Fahrenheit very much too.
    But I have heard from them since a week…
    I don’t care if they are famous or not.
    I just like their taste od music and every singer becauser they are so funny.

    Unfortunately I think the most fans like them because they look so terribly handsome.

  • Hi Sofie! 🙂

    I’m glad you understood how I felt 😀 I checked your blog and it’s full of wonderful Fahrenheit stuff XD~ And I’m happy you like them 🙂 I like their music too, and yeah, these guys are sooo funny. These guys deserve to be loved. Fans should not like them not only because of their looks but hopefully because of their talents as well 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by ^_^

  • that’s what i feel too.

    i’ve been loving fei lun hai for months now. i loved them ever since ive watched their mv with hebe (only have feelings for you)

    they might become the NEW F4.

    noooooooo. its not that i dont want them to be sikat, just not sikat for those ‘people’

  • Hi ging! Thank you. I’m a SHE fan too XD Ella’s voice is so. much. love. I’m dying to see Feilunhai as well, but if they would have the same fate as F4, then it would be better if they would not be famous in the Philippines =_=;

  • Hey Joy 🙂 I’m happy you felt the same. Fahrenheit deserves the love and popularity, but please, not for ‘those’ people. 🙂

  • Thanks a lot Lisa!:) It made me feel better 🙂 I’ve been a fan about a year ago too XD

  • well.. i wanted to see fahrenheit here in the philippines.. but i agree to your comment.. some will only claim to be their “fans” beacause of their looks.. i really love asian boy bands like them.. like dbsk and suju.. im a different kind of “fan” or should i say “admirer”..because i really give time to know more about them through the net.. i hate those jologs and cheap “fans” that didnt try to know more about them.. they don’t deserve to called ” fans ” n_n

  • yeah.your right girl.errr.i dont want them na sumikat in our country.i really love Fahrenheit since thay start.huhu.so nakakaines tlg the pipol here!!

  • Hey toinkz 😀 Glad to know that you’re not like other immature fangirls XD Hope you’ll stay in the fandom for a long time 🙂

  • Hi Xanne. Actually, I want to see them too. SERIOUSLY. I might just die if ever they plan to go here in the Philippines! ^_^ But I don’t want them to be the next F4 D: They deserve more than that. T_T

    I’m happy you like Feilunhai. 🙂 If you want to know more about them, don’t hesitate to ask. I know some great communities wherein you’ll know more about the boys 😛

  • Quira, I guess Filipinps are like that so there’s nothing we can do but pray that this jologs-ization will not continue to increase. LOL. XD

  • hi !
    i’m als0 a fan of fahrenheit for alm0st a year now ..
    your not being selfish .. actually were d same , i d0n’t want them to be popular here .. so many reasons haay ..
    many people now like them because of the airing their mv ..
    they see how talented the fahrenheit are .. grrr ..nkkainis tlga ..
    gust0 ko tlaga silang ma meet s0mday :]

  • ciao!
    yup!your right!
    they keep on saying that “I’M THEIR #1 FAN!”
    but they really don’t know everything about their idol
    i agree when you said that they will just ditch Fahrenheit when they’re not popular anymore just lyk wat they did on F4 ryt?

  • Hi Cile! 😀

    I wanted to meet them too. But it’s quite impossible isn’t it? XD

    Ah yeah, their MVs are out in the country and “fans” feel that they already know who Jiro, Chun, Calvin and Arron are just because of these stupid videos. *sighs* Nakakairita nga!

  • Yo Justine 😀

    Yep. That’s what immature fans do T_T I feel so sad for F4 but there’s nothing we can do 🙁 I still love F4 up to now and it’s sad. so I do not want the same thing to happen to Fahrenheit. They really do not deserve that.

  • @ Xanne: Hmm, LJ has really nice communities. But you have to be a member. Do you own a blog or something? XD

  • haha.i really love fahrenheit i got 1k photos of them!:)) hahaha!:)) sayang next summer pa ako makakapnta ng taiwan:(( do you have ym or live messenger?

  • many people here n0w claiming that their are d n0. 1 fan of fahrenheit !
    it’s just disgusting to hear bec dey r really not ! .. yeah ur right i agree 2 u i d0n’t want to see their pics in the bangketas .. i really love these boys they r so talented n good lookin’ .. i just read in one of the blogs of chun that he had a plan to visit the Philippines !! :] after i read that i can’t stop thinking of it ..
    can you tell me some sites??about them ..

  • i do have a blog but i am not opening it.. actually i already forget my password..haha.. i am willing to sign up again..!! anyways, i saw wu chun’s blog at wretch i have an account there..!! good thing he has english translation of his write ups there..

    “Traveling to these familiar countries and having met so many New and recognizable faces, I am still so excited and happy as ever! Its actually very tiring but seldom feel those tiredness til all activities are over late at night! However, there are still countries which I don’t have time to visit yet… I’m happy that the Philippines and USA have started airing Hanakimi and also Romantic Princess in Guang Zhou n few parts of china soon… Again, I did try my best to convince my company to allow me to do promotional activities in these countries and though my initial attempt failed, I will not give up and hope it will be a reality for all us to meet up one day, yeah!”

    -wu chun…!!

    waaahhhh.. its really nice!!

  • I ReAly realy love fei lun hai! i like their songs! and golden voice! They also have good looks! (GOSH!)i FeEL like fainting!! but among the 4 Jiro Wang was the one i really love the most..,’!!!! <3<3<3

  • Quira, i do have a ym account XD Um, but I don’t want to post it here. You can tell me your email ad/ ym id if you want and I’ll add you 😛

  • @ frhfanatics / Cile. I didn’t know that Chun wanted to go here. Oh god. Yikes. Anyway, do you own a Livejournal account? There are pretty good communities there 😀

  • @ Xanne. Tell me if you found the time to blog again 😀 Fangirls like us should support Feilunhai. Hehe. If you want, LJ really nice. I have an LJ account and if you would like to be added just tell me. But it would be better if you really use your account so I would get to know you too 😀

  • Hi Mhe. Jiro is my favorite Feilunhai too <333 Glad you like him 🙂 Please continue to support Fahrenheit 🙂

  • HeLlO totallyclueless.. YeAh! Of CoUrSe I wIlL! bTw, JuSt WaNt To AsK iF y JiRo wAs ThE oNe U cHoSe aMoNgtHe 4..,’??? hEhE..,’!!! BtW, I’M ViCe!!! HeHe..,’!!!AnD I’Ll bE hApPy To Be Ur fRiEnG oN FS iF u hAvE aN AcCoUnT tHeRe..,’! Or In Ym….TaKeCaRe AlWaYs aNd GoD BlEss..,’!!!

    (I LOvE FeI LuN HaI!!)

  • hi ! :]

    @ totallyclueless .. Ü
    i d0n’t have an acc0unt there .. can u pls help me 2 join there ? :))

  • frhfanatics/ Cile, right? XD

    hmm. i-aadd na lang kita sa YM tas magpapakilala na lang ako XD It’s kinda hard to explain kung dito lang eh =P

  • FINALLY. someone who has the same greedy intentions as me! lol

    i’ve been obsessing over them for months now (i got hooked when their first cd came out) and i’ve been waiting for someone i know to go fangirl on them too.

    but then the series started coming in (abs and gma suck at dubbing. i REALLY hate it when they turn something i really like into a pathetic little craze) and i was like… “NOOOOOO!”
    i don’t want them to become like f4 too! >:P
    (that way though, they’ll probably have a concert here… ah well… i’ll just go to taiwan or something. HAHA)

  • Hello Gel! *waves*

    I’m SO glad we share the same opinion! Gawd, I really hate this bandwagon thing 🙁 If Fahrenheit will experience the same fate that F4 experienced in the Philippines, I would probably cry 🙁 Idols like them shouldn’t be treated just like that! T_T

    Let’s just go to Taiwan and watch them! Yeyy ♥ Call me selfish but I don’t want to share with these jologs Filipina/no”fangirls/boys” T_T

  • …hhhhhmmmpppppp…. i like wu chun and jiro wang in the band farenheit they’re both cooooooooLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! they both know how to act, especially how to sing!!!! FARENHEIT,,,,,,, GO!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! TAKE CARE ALWAYS…,,,,!!!!!

  • Ni hao, Nova May 😀 Actually, Fahrenheit CAN’T sing and Chun CAN’T act. LOL. But I still love them anyway XD

  • Ni hao, Nova May 😀 Actually, Fahrenheit CAN’T sing and Chun CAN’T act. LOL. But I still love them anyway XD

  • i hear f4’s still making cd’s. sad really…their fame plummeted when meteor garden (and their concert here) ended. i SO don’t want that to happen to fahrenheit.

    btw i have to disagree with the can’t sing bit. i think aaron’s okay and i DO love them as a whole though i think it might be the editing (or my blind obsession 😐 lol)

    chun DOES suck in acting.
    good thing he’s an eye candy 😛 yum.

  • I understand you… But,, of course,, the fans like to see them in person! For me,, yes,, I don’t know them that well! I don’t know the daily happenings in their lives,, their shows and what so ever.. But,, I wasted my time to know all of them! Maybe I can go to Taiwan, but how about the other who love them!! DAMN!! Don’t be selfish!! try to understand others feelings!!

    And to chun haters,, look at your selves first before judging him! ok?!!?

    so now I understand! ! ! you don’t like fahrenheit to have a concert here because you don’t want F4 to be dumped!!!

    Are you a Taiwanse??

    I’m a Filipina/o too!! don’t call us JOLOGS!! ohHhHh pls… your such the pathetic one!!! Of course the dubbing in the Philippines is good!! that’s the way we can understand your language!! don’t be too greedy! I don’t like attitude!! sorry to say!!

  • Of course I like their MUSIC!! their all talented in different ways!! Jiro is good in acting and singing esp. rapping, Chun has a great voice and have a great acting skills! Calvin and Arron are the tenors in the band! they have a good voice quality..

    Yes! They’re all cute, handsome and good looking… But not all Filipinoa are jologs! not all Filipinos admired them just because of their good looking faces!!!

  • Who knows of the feelings of the Filipino fans of F4?!!?

    Filipinos didn’t dumped F4!! it’s just that their out of their popularity!!


    Read Gel’s comments and TRY to understand. Don’t say things as if you know everything.

    And you WASTED your time on them? C’mon. Why use such a word. If you’re a fan, then researching about them ISN’T a waste of time.

    so now I understand! ! ! you don’t like fahrenheit to have a concert here because you don’t want F4 to be dumped!!!


    Are you a Taiwanse??

    I’m a Filipina/o too!! don’t call us JOLOGS!! ohHhHh pls… your such the pathetic one!!! Of course the dubbing in the Philippines is good!! that’s the way we can understand your language!! don’t be too greedy! I don’t like attitude!! sorry to say!!

    I am a Filipina and I am not calling EVERYONE ‘jologs’. It’s up to you if you’ll get affected or not 😉 If you’re not, then there’s no reason to get angry right? 😀

    And sorry for being greedy, this is my blog so I can say whatever I want.

    not all Filipinos admired them just because of their good looking faces!!!

    I know! I am NOT generalizing. LOL @ all the exclamation points XDDD

    Filipinos didn’t dumped F4!!

    OH RLY? 😀

  • I’m not angry ok.. I just don’t read the whole article.. Yes you really have the point.. And I’m not saying I know everything!! I’m not!!

  • yeah.I understand what you feel too,i feel the same too.Like the way they did on F4.And where’s F4 now huh?I hate those kind of girls too.Die! jologs DIE! GO jiro wang!WOHOO.>:)

  • hi.
    just an extra with your discussion.hehe. 😀
    i mean,can i?
    well,I really understand what all you feel like.
    I mean,though i just kinda heard of Fahrenheit last 2006,i REALLY know what you feel..
    I mean,look,they just like Jiro [bless his soul.],Chun,Arron and Calvin [bless theirs too.] cuz of their fame.i reaaally hate those kinds of girls.
    I know waay many of them to mention ’em all.
    but we can thank them too.
    cuz if not for those stupid girls,FeiLunHai would NEVER be in the state they are now in. 😀
    sorry if i said that,but I wish some of them still won’t give up supporting FeiLunHai till the end.
    that’s why my motto is:
    i will always be FeiLunHai’s Fan [Especially Jiro’s.] till my head goes bald. 😀

    Love yah Jiro Wang Dong Cheng Forever!!
    [i wish that one of the pictures in your “Andy Oh Columbia Wedding” Albums wedding kissing a girl is not you,but somebody else. 🙁 ]

  • oh and i kinda want to ask questions about Jiro,some facts that i read about him.
    they said his type of girls are Traditional girls.
    and they said that he likes using English very much.
    if someone knows that it is a lie,please tell me.
    so that i can still find facts about him.

  • Hi Twilight 😀

    I know what you mean. If not for the fans, Fahrenheit wouldn’t be Fahrenheit right? But those are for mature fangirls, not those immature fans that we can see everywhere. Mature fans are never stupid. At least in my opinion 😛

    I don’t know about the fact that he likes traditional girls but yes, Jiro frequently uses English. I think it’s because he wants to learn the language 😛

  • hmf…jiro knows how to speak english?can you share what did you know about jiro?coz among d fei lun hai jiro is d’best 4 me…hehehe!

  • come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fahrenheit!!!
    if you want to see them go in taiwan!!!!derrrrrrrrr..Ü
    no offence

  • i don’t really mind.. people’s opinions change so i respect that.
    i’m not the biggest farenheit fan but i look out for them once in awhile. my favourite is aaron yan coz his smile makes me sqeeee!

  • hey there!
    i feel that you’re a true fan. just as you feel, i also don’t want to see Fahrenheit becoming super famous then suddenly being dumped here in the Philippines…
    i also like them and i respect them as well..

    hope that if they do become as famous as F4 here in the Philippines, they wouldn’t just get cast aside…

  • Danielle! Hello. THANK YOU. Glad you understood 😀 I’d feel really sad if anything bad happens to them (like being ‘dumped’ for example). I know it’s not impossible to happen, but I’m still hoping Filipino fans will continue to support them ^_^^

  • I a BIG FAN of fahrenheit too…it’s doesnt matter that they r popular or not…the most important thing to me is that i LOVE their musics and DRAMAS…..

  • hey there.
    i just happened to have found your post.
    i feel the same way as you do.i don’t want just random people here to just like them because they’re really handsome.and i don’t think them being the next F4 here would be good.I’d rather not have them too famous than have them “laos”.
    but if the do become famous here,i’d be happy too in a way.just as long as people appreciate them for their talents,not just their looks.’cause looks fade and once that happens,they might just be like F4.
    anyway,only “us” true fans would understand.


    saranghea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gua ai ni!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ti amo!~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helo..

    I’m christer..im really glad about how u felt about fahrenheit. Yes,Me,myself and I dont want fei lun hai to experience the same fate as f4 does being dump to sidewalks and worst been forgoten. But to my opinion i will be really happy and willing to spend cash just to watch their concert if that happens.Coz u know i almost reached the point that i thought of selling all my stuff just to go to malaysia etc.and u know when they went here to promote romanticprincess,im really happy but due to some events,i wasnt able to go to abs. i almost cried for 1 week and didnt attend class for 2 days! I agree they are not for the fans that you have been pointing out. But imagine the joy that it will bring to the true fans of feilunhai. yes,even if someday they became very famous here and been dumped at one side when not already famous,but still fahrenheit will remain to the hearts of those true FeiLunHai fans. so i still want fahrenheit to held their concert here..or even not a concert. even just go here and meet us fans. So i am really looking 4ward of fahrenhiet and s.h.e. visiting here..no offense…

    Christer..certified Fahrenheit and S.H.E. lover..
    Xie xie ni..

  • Hello Christer 🙂 Nice to meet another Feilunhai and S.H.E. fan 🙂 It’s okay, I don’t mind and I understand what you’re trying to say 😛 Maybe I’m just bitter coz I adore the boys but I don’t have money to spend for their concert XD LOL.

  • Hi people…

    i so agree with wat u think. FRH desn’t need shallow girls who just go for the looks. Look deeper inside, and u will discover the true person, cuz lots of hot guys are really ugly inside…. all the guys in FRH are really nice and dont really fool around that much like OTHER singers. Yea F4 is a real good band… tho FRH needs to improve quite a bit wid the singing and acting, especially wu zun (im a zun fan 2).
    they r real sweet tho… im a new fan to… even tho i hate saying da word “fan” ewwwwwww
    so ill just say ————————- for future comments…..

  • @GoodiTwoShuz

    True, true. Shallow girls aren’t allowed to be part of the fandom. Kidding 😉 It’s what’s inside that counts, ne? Fahrenheit needs improvement, they still have a long way to go before they reach F4’s popularity. But I’m glad they earned people’s respect, not just because of their pretty faces but of their talents and amazing personalities as well 😛

  • hi! I agree. ganun din ang nasa isip ko. Ayokong sumikat ng 2lad ng F4 ang fahrenheit d2 sa Philippines. Kasi parang may curse ang Philippines sa foreign artists. Pag nauso dito, nagiging jologs. Kaya sana wag mangyari sa knila ung nangyari sa F4. Ang kokorny mga Filipinos. Hindi nmn naiintindihan ung songs nila tpos.. fans kuno. ang weh tlg.. T_T. No offense lng pala.. hehe pero basta… I like ur opinion. Go girl!

  • About the last comment:
    Yes you are right… FRH still could improve… but did you hear their new song Yue Lai Yue Ai? It was a lot better. Sound, tone quality, yup. However from what i heard from their recorded concerts, i think itwas just an attack of stage fright which made them go off tune sometimes….. Thats a nice quality of the group. Many bands are too lazy to improve and so thats why they only last about 1 or 2 years in the showbiz. We’ll see if FRH can survive…

  • O yea, i forgot 2 write something…

    i just saw a previous message that you wrote and I agree…. I dont have the money to spend for their concert either…… :-!

  • @gooditwoshuz re: layout THANKS! 😀

    yeah, fangirls need money for concerts like these D: ugh.

    and i agree. i love fahrenheit because they want to improve. they know their flaws so they work hard. i hope more artists are like them 🙂

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