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“I can taste your sweet lovejuice :)”


* Kame is so gay. XDDD And I still hate his hair T____T It’s ugly. Eww.

* F4’s Japan concert! O_O I want I want.

* Chun is going to visit my country this coming July 12, 2008. >_____< Huhuhu, Wu Zun, I want to see you D: He’s coming with Calvin and sadly, not with Jiro Wang D: I don’t know if I should be happy about this D: Sabagay, andami ng fans ni Chun, may magagawa pa ba ko? >_< Hayy.

* Eita ♥

Please say a sentence to yourself in ten years’ time.

“Have you been working hard as an actor? Hope you would be married already…how is it?” (laughs)

-Eita interview, CanCam July 2008

And in one interview with the cast of Orange Days, he declared that he didn’t have a girlfriend for 22 years, and he was 22 at that time O__O  I’ve also read somewhere that Eita doesn’t have a girlfriend until now! But why DDD: EITA x JURI~!♥ Ai Otsuka looks good with Eita too. Hmm.

Lately, I refuse to watch any drama/ movie without Eita in it XD Eeeep.  This might turn into a reeeeeeaaaaaaally loooong Eita post so I’ll stop now okei. Mag scans as well as interview translations are love~~♥

* I’m not in the mood to read New Moon.  Bella annoys me to death =/

* I want the HanaDan movie NOW. T____T I miss watching Domyouji and Makino. And Rui T____T Shuuuun~ I really, really miss watching Shun. HMPF HMPF.

The ending of  Medaka (another Eita drama) was very very very disappointing D:

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