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Drama Update: SEMBREAK! YAY!

Finished watching Hanayome to Papa about two weeks ago and my love for Junno knows no bounds. LOL.  I was crying so hard during the last two episodes.  Guhhh.  It’s freakin’ touching okay! I love the chemistry between Aiko-chan and her father. :’) The wedding scene was nicely shot and aldalsfk Junno kissed Ishihara Satomi! >_<  Again, I recommend this drama because Junno looks so good in a white suit ♥ of the really nice family values you’ll learn from it.  Plus HtP gets better halfway, after you’ll get used to Ishihara Satomi’s corny acting XD

Still watching Cheap Love (Sorimachi Takashi).  I do not exactly know why I am still watching it, maybe because of Sorimachi Takashi himself? IDK D: But the story’s kinda unique in my opinion.  Yes, it’s a poor, bad boy falling in love with the rich, quiet girl, but still.. Something is there that keeps me watching 😀 Maybe because of the sex parts. LOL. And although the story is quiet common, the difference this time is that the bad boy isn’t really bad.  But the girl. >:( I don’t like the heroine.  She’s so annoying sometimes.  >____< I think [info]dangermousie will like this type of drama :)) It’s old btw.  Way back from 1999 🙂

Would you believe I just started watching Meteor Garden 2 a few days ago? (the subbed version, crappy subs huhu T_T) I heard lots of negative comments about it, but so far, I think it’s okay.  Maybe I just missed the cast so I’m being biased.  HAHA. 😀 I’m happy Vic looks fatter in MG 2. Yayyy~ But his acting skills isn’t that good yet.  AHAHA.  Barbie is still as adorable as ever ♥

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