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Rookies: first episode

I  am done with the first episode of Rookies (which is really long, btw O_O), a jdrama about baseball, a teacher ala-Yankumi, a group of delinquent students, etc. You get the picture.  Another school jdrama.  I think most of the scenes are too cliche 🙁 I didn’t love it, but it looks promising so I would surely finish the drama.

Oh, but I love Sato Ryuta in this! I used to hate him in his other jdramas, *ahem Tokyo Friends* but in Rookies, he made it work 🙂 Still exaggerating at times, but he is loveable as Kawato Koichi. 😀 About the other cast, I’m sorry but I didn’t like Ichihara Hayato (hallo plucked eyebrows) and Shirota Yu 🙁  Maybe because I’m biased.  Maybe because I miss the Gokusen 1 cast.  Maybe because IMHO, no one can ever beat Sawada Shin, Uchi, Kuma, Noda, and MInami.  >_<

I saw Ayase Haruka in the first episode! <3 Haha.  Older sister of  Mikoshiba Toru 😀 It’s funny ‘coz Ayase is Keisuke’s love interest in Cyborg Girl (I really need to watch that T_T) and now they’re siblings. LOL. How cute.

Aaaaaaaaand. The theme song.  I love <3


LOL @  Hana Yori Dango : US version =)) CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY AS RUI? why not, chocnut ♥ LOL, Rupert Grint. NOWAI.

Eeeep new Eita scans! and a drama! ♥♥♥

So Kame is a cross-dresser now? LOL.  Hmm, too many Akame moments lately *_* why oh why?

Okay I will stop fangirling now 🙂

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