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IRYU, Anego

It’s been a while since I posted about the dramas I’ve been watching. How I miss 🙁

Anyway, I’ve only finished 2 jdramas since i dunno, January? teardrop I have watched a lot of jmovies, though. \8D/

1. IRYU – Team Medical Dragon

I LOVE IT.  (and I can’t wait to watch IRYU 2! btw, thank you Ate She [info]fionnakreuz for the DVD. Hehe)  Err, idk where to start =_=; Haha.  In case some of you didn’t know, I enjoyed the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.  So I thought I might enjoy this as well, but watching the first fifteen minutes or so actually bored me. HAHA.  But do not stop there! Continue watching and finish the whole episode. And the whole drama 😀 I highly recommend 🙂

jskdfgaksjd Sakaguchi Kenji aka Asada Ryutaro is the hottest and handsome-est and awesome-est surgeon EVER.  I swear.  When I first saw him, I instantly remembered the guy from Pride, his name is Yamato, I think? So I checked his dramawiki page, and it’s confirmed! He really is the guy from Pride! I liked him there, but I didn’t know I would like him THIS MUCH.  Gah.  Definitely one of my favorite characters in a drama. hearts I will also add him to my list of favorite Japanese actors. 😀

I like each member of the team and I love the team as a whole. yummyface It’s official.  Mizukawa Asami is included in my list of favorite actresses now.  I see her everywhere! (I’ve seen the movie Dark Water recently and she’s there too O_O) And her role as Miki is my favorite so far.  She’s tough but not too stiff like Kiyora (Nodame Cantabile) and bubbly but not too bubby like Eri (Last Friends) :D As for Harry PotterKoike Teppei, honestly, I didn’t like him during the first episode.  But I got used to him after a few episodes, and he actually made me cry in episode 2. Heeee~ The other characters are okay too, like Kato-sensei, Kitou-sensei (the principal from Nobuta!) and Arase, but  my favorite is Fujiyoshi-sensei because… just because 🙂 Another thing I like about this drama is that unlike Filipino soap operas they actually research about all those medical stuff and all.  I like it when I learn new things :3

If there is anything I didn’t like, that would be Kitamura Kazuki.  I’m sorry but I do not like him as an actor 🙁 I find him irritating.  And Noguchi-sensei, of course.  Rar. Evil person. ALSOOOO. I was kind of disappointed that nothing happened between Miki and Ryutaro. They look soooo good together! LOL, I’m a sucker for love stories okaaaaaaaaay? -_- I also thought there’s something between Kato and Ryutaro but I was wrong! Hmp. (the rain scene! rain EEEEE <3)  At least everybody is happy in the end 🙂

IRYU 2~! I need to watch you now! 🙂

2. Anego

I borrowed the DVD from Keicee [info]sakuramushy27 last summer (sorry Keicee asakin pa! >_<) but I wasn’t able to watch it then.  There were missing episodes, episodes 1-3  were not included in the DVD 🙁  I started watching episode 4 just last week and finished it in 3 days.  I usually don’t mind office dramas, but if not for Shinohara Ryoko and AKANISHI JIN, I would’ve stopped watching T_T

I remembered that I enjoyed watching  Sapuri, no matter how boring that show is for some people.  At least the other characters there were loveable and the plot is more intriguing.  In Anego, however, there were a lot of irritating characters, especially that Eriko girl. SHE IS SO ANNOYING.  Especially her voice! UGH.  I hate her. And Sawaki-san too (who cares if he is cute? his character is so not my type!).  And the other office people, I didn’t like them.  I usually like almost all the side characters in the dramas I’ve watched but not in this one! Everything’s about love affairs, marriage, blahblahblah.  T_T And WTF is that ending?!?! I hate that there is no clear ending in Naoko and Kurosawa’s relationship.  I hate it, i hate it.

But I cannot stop watching because JIN IN SUITS OMFG.  Jin crying.  Jin smiling.  Jin happy.  Jin with pretty collarbones.  Nyar.  Akanishi, I love you now, really.  lovely He isn’t half as good as Kame when it comes to acting but I feel happy watching him onscreen 🙂 Heeee ~ XD Okay enough of Jin. 😛 Good thing Shinohara Ryoko is the lead actress.  I like her a lot, especially in Unfair.  I love how she acts so.. um, natural? And she’s still pretty (IMHO, she’s waaaay prettier than Koyuki)  even when crying! Plus her chemistry with Jin is like, WHOAAAA. heart1 Aside from the Yankumi-Shin pairing, I think the Naoko-Kurosawa has the best onscreen chemistry.  I didn’t mind the 11-year age gap at all.  They are so cute together, they fit each other perfectly! Ryoko is beautiful, and so is Jin.  🙂 That’s why I was disappointed with that kind of ending! >________< Anyway, thanks to Laura [info]quartered , I found out that there’s an Anego SP so I would probably watch it.  I hope it will not disappoint!

PS. Mizukawa Asami appeared as a guest in episode 10 XDDD

PPS. And I like the song KISS OR KISS by Kitade Nana  🙂

I will try to post screencaps of these two dramas some other time XD They are too pretty (especially Kurosawa and Ryutaro *ahem ahem*) to not share! :3 hearts

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