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After who-knows-how-long, I visited Asianfanatics, just because I want to see recent pictures of Barbie Xu.  I missed that girl a lot, and though I love her very much, I am not that interested in her ongoing drama, Summer Bubbles :((

I tried catching up on fandom news as well, and here are some which affected me the most.  I am so behind on fandom, but at least I am making an effort to update myself once in a while.

*Vic Zhou shows his vulnerable side – this made my heart ache.  I’ve been a fan of them since their Meteor Garden days, and this is just utterly sad.  As a fan, I know how much effort Zaizai puts in his work and him thinking it isn’t good enough makes me want to pull my hair out.  I know Barbie didn’t want him to feel that way, but yeah, what Zaizai said in the interview is still true up to now. D:

*Interesting.  Kim Hyun Joong and Oguri Shun?  Now I want a Taiwanese-Japanese-Korean Meteor Garden-Hana Yori Dango- Boys Over Flowers reunion! That would be loads of fun XDDD

* One of the most horrible news I’ve ever heard since Barbie and Vic’s breakup is this.  Jin leaving KAT-TUN.  I cannot formulate the words that can express how I exactly feel.  I did not see this coming.  Or at least, not as early as now.  I cannot imagine KAT-TUN with only five members.  KAT-TUN is supposed to be the best band in MY world, they will be celebrating their tenth anniversary next year! Why didn’t Jin wait a little longer? 🙁 ASDFGHJKL; I can go on and on about this all night but I’d rather not.  I am still hoping for the best.  And I have yet to watch Bandage.

* I really fail as a fan when it comes to Jiro Wang.  I didn’t even know he is an artist! I guess I just liked his roles in ISWAK and Hana Kimi way too much that I decided to become one of his fans but I am that interested in his personal life.  I am evil.

* Barbie Xu continues to amaze me.  At 33 (turning 34 this October!), she is still as stunning, as sexy, and as gorgeous as ever.   I am so excited for this! Barbie as a sex-craving assassin? YUM.  And yay! No plastic surgery! 😀 People, stop spreading bad rumors about her 🙁

*  Kingone and Tiffany.  Erotic scene.  ‘Nuff said.

* All my OTPs are not ending up together.  🙁 Eita is married already.  And so is Ai Otsuka.  🙁 Who’s next?  I am still praying for a Vic and Barbie wedding. Maybe not now, but some time in the future 🙂

*  I adore Hotaru no Hikari to bits, one of my all-time favorite jdramas ever.  So when I heard that there will be a Hotaru no Hikari 2, I was ecstatic.  I almost fell out of my seat! But when I viewed the cast and did not see Teshima Makoto, my number 1 drama boyfriend, I was waaaayyy beyond furious! Why is he not in this? Huhu, drama life is so unfair 🙁

* One of my dreams is to attend Show Luo’s concert.  I wonder if it’s going to happen? I just hope that by the time I earn enough money to buy concert tickets, my favorite artists are still there and my favorite bands have not disbanded yet.

This would be all, for now 😉 Random post is random.

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  • I’ve sorta gone back & forth w/ wanting to watch Summers Desire, but after hearing your thoughts, I may hold it off for a little longer (unless suddenly I have a Tw-series urge, sometimes they just strike from nowhere lol)

    Re Barbie, I loved her in MG, loved her in MARS, liked her in Corner (tough for me to love any rich, princessy “heroine” lol) but ever since she’s started dabbling in the movie industry, I’ve lost alot of interest in her acting. I’ve seen probably 3 or 4 of them & unfortunately, I just think she is that great of an actress outside the tv box. I do think she looks amazing for her age (albeit known that she implements a little cosmetic aid ^^)

    Re Shun & Hyun Joong- when I saw this I totally flailed lol If only Viccy was there too (& me of course xDD)

    Re Vic, I had to wow @ his v. traditional thoughts. Not that I necessarily agree that it is THAT WAY, but I def respect him for having that “I want to lead & protect the family” kinda attitude. Will def be checking out his new flick :)) *hearts on Hua Ze Lei + Chen Ling*

    And lastly, re KAT-TUN! Don’t be too sad, lah, it’ll only be for the better. I love Jin but I’ve never thought that KAT-TUN had enough room for him & Kame. The guys will be fine rolling as a unit of five (I actually have bn diggin them whilst Jinny has bn in LA trying to, er, make it worldwide.) I think as fans we should continute to support both the freshly re-letterised KaT-TUN & also Jin as a solo artist <3 Ganbatte!

  • OOh! I also forgot to mention that I love Jiro! lol I’m a bit of a drawer / artist as well so now that I’ve seen his talents, I adore him even more xD Loved his self-portrait (well, I assumed it was… the one where the guy is smoking ;O)

  • Maybe I am just holding back on watching Summer’s Desire because I didn’t know the leading men. I actually have no idea who they are so that’s why I don’t care that much. Hehe.

    Re Barbie. She is one of my favorite actresses ever, and my favorite female celebrity too 🙂 I loved her in the three dramas you mentioned (yes, even Xin Lei just because she and Show Luo looked so good together it breaks my heart). I haven’t seen a lot of Barbie movies, though. What Barbie movie have you watched already? 🙂

    Re Vic I KNOW! 🙂 But I love how he cares so much about things like that and how much of a gentleman he really is. Aaaah. I just love him. Period.

    Re KAT-TUN I still can’t get over it 🙁 I’ve been a KAT-TUN fan since December 2007 only and this is so heartbreaking. They still haven’t done “don’t you wanna see it when WE make it worldwide?” thing and now Jin left and asdjfkl; SAD! But at least the other members would be given the chance to shine 🙂 And sing. *ahem Nakamaru ahem*

    Re Jiro Wow, that was really nice! I mean, when you idolize someone and then later on you learned that you share the same passion, isn’t that amazing? :3 Jiro definitely is dreamy, I just haven’t been on the Fahrenheit fandom that much D:

    Long comment is long xD

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