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New Asian Movies to watch

Hi sembreak! 🙂

So, I finally finished my manuscript so I have all the time in the world (two weeks, LOL) to just relax and watch my favorite movies and TV shows.  Lately, I’ve been preoccupied by American shows that I failed to watch Asian movies I downloaded.  So glad to finally have the time to watch them!


Raiou (The Lightning Tree, 2010) 
Okada Masaki and Aoi Yu

I think this is a period movie or something? Not a big fan of the actors but they’re too pretty :3

Sugar and Spice (2006)
Yagira Yuya and Sawajiri Erika

I like Sawajiri Erika (1 Liter of Tears) and this seems like a shallow, feel-good movie.   We’ll see 🙂


Connected (2008)
Barbie Xu

 I never liked action movies, but come on.  Barbie Xu? Game!

Tea Fight (2008)
Vic Zhou and Erika Toda

Anything Vic Zhou is love 🙂 I just hate the fact that he’s with Erika Toda in this.  Ugh.  Movie looks boring, tbh.


Dek Hor (The Dorm, 2006) 

Ooh, perfect movie for Halloween :3 I’ve heard so many good stuff about this.  Thailand, how I love thee.





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