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Forever Bum

Hi! Just want you to know (as if anyone’s interested. Heh.) that I already graduated from college last April! I’ve been a bum since then.  Because I’ve never been a big fan of parties and outings, I do nothing all day but sit in front of my laptop and fangirl.  That gives me no excuse to not blog about fandom and the recent shows / movies I watched.  Argh I’m so lazy.  I  used to blog about these things ALL THE TIME  but now it just seems like a really tough job 🙁 I neglected my Livejournal as well.  I kind of missed my old blogs lately.  Tumblr kept me busy so maybe that’s why I didn’t have the time to write anything fandom-related anymore.

I’ll do my best to update this every now and then 🙂


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