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RIP Robin Williams (1951- 2014)



I don’t exactly know why it took me this long to write about his death.  Maybe because it (still) feels like a part of my childhood died already.  See, I grew up watching his films.  My family and I used to rent VHS tapes when I was a kid.  I remembered watching Jumanji and declaring it as my favorite movie of all time.  I’m pretty sure about this because I remembered filling out tons of autograph / slam books saying that Jumanji is my favorite movie. I watched a lot of Disney movies too, so I knew who voiced Genie at such a young age (I’m pretty obsessed with voice acting back then).  And then there’s Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society, Hook, Robots, Happy Feet, etc. Robin Williams was my childhood hero.  

What breaks my heart more is because of why and how he died.  But like what his family said, why focus on his death when he gave us decades of laughter?  I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much over someone I’ve never even met.  But that makes a lot of sense because he touched my heart in more ways than I can ever imagine.  He was this big, big star but never failed to help anyone in need, even if that someone is a total stranger.  He touched thousands of lives because of his talent, passion, and kindness.  It’s so obvious that everyone around him loved him and are at a loss for words when this tragedy happened.

I can’t help but cry (again!!!) while typing this.  I can’t bear to read articles, tributes, and interviews about his family anymore, That’s all I read these past few days and I feel so miserable! 🙁 I can’t even watch his movies or TV shows right now.  It’s just so sad because I feel very close to him 🙁 Sometimes, I would randomly blame CBS because I think, if The Crazy Ones was not canceled, there’s a fat chance he’d still be here.  He’s 63, but there are still lots of projects for him to do, so many years to live, so many talents to share.

But you know what? I’m also thankful that he reached that age given his condition.  Others didn’t even make it past their teenage years.  The world is lucky enough to have experienced Robin Williams for decades.  I feel sorry for him though, that he felt (?) like no one wasn’t there to help him during his last few days, weeks, or even years of suffering.  Maybe it’s true, that those who have the happiest faces have the saddest souls.  I just hope he found peace with God now.  I would like to think that he’s happier and not in pain any longer.

To our Ramon, Teddy Roosevelt, Simon Roberts, Dr. Know, Andrew Martin, John Keating, Patch Adams, Jack, Alan Parrish, Mrs. Doubtfire, our one and only Genie, our Mr. Robin Williams… We are all setting you free.  We love you and we will miss you always. :'(

*cries a bucket of tears* 

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