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Movie Reviews : January to March 2014

A bit late for this, eh?

I used to manually write in my planner the movies and TV shows I watch, but luckily, there’s imdb!  My movies and shows are now organized plus I get to rate them and see other people’s reviews as well. I’d love to post reviews there too, but I’m no expert.  Haha! So I just decided to post here the movies I watched with a little bit of review.  I hope I still remember them because I tend to forget what happens in a movie after a few days / weeks. *fail*

Anyway, here’s a list of movies I watched last January to March! Click the titles for the synopsis 🙂 Also, I rated the movies based on how much I enjoyed it 😉

1. The Mist
My Rating: 8/10


Stephen King movie! Why am I not surprised that half of the cast were the same cast of The Walking Dead? So this is where they were discovered! It’s quite an old movie, hence, the quality of the computer graphics. BUT that’s NOT what the story is about. The ending is crazy, and totally heartbreaking.

2. Now You See Me
My Rating: 9/10


I rewatched this after just a day of watching it. Haha! I liked it that much.  I love magic in general, add Jesse Eisenberg in this formula, and we get a really fun and fresh movie.  People dwell too much on its flaws but I honestly think this movie is super entertaining.

3. SuhpaPapalicious
My Rating: 2/10


Bad movie overall. No chemistry among the characters. Vhong Navarro dances well and we all know that.  He should just stick to dancing because he isn’t funny at all.

4. Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay
My Rating: 8/10


This is a pretty decent Pinoy horror film.  And it was the first time I heard of the superstitionPagpag.  The movie somehow followed a formula for revenge of other horror films but it’s done quite well.

5. My Little Bossings
My Rating: 4/10


I wanted to like this because I love kids and Ryzza is a brilliant, young, star! But the story makes me cringe, Kris Aquino is not funny, and most of all, Bimby CANNOT act.  Good thing he was paired with Ryzza Mae so he became a bit tolerable.  If he wants to be an actor, maybe he should try speaking Tagalog? Also, the product endorsement is way too much!!! But there’s one particular scene where I was so touched, it saved the whole movie for me.  That dramatic scene with Vic Sotto and Aiza Seguerra? Heartwarming. Brilliant.

6. Catch Me If You Can
My Rating: 8/10


Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that young Leo is the hottest Leo of all? Haha! The movie’s pace is a bit slow, and I find myself quite bored at some parts.  But since it was based on a true story, it made the movie more interesting than expected.

7. Shake, Rattle, and Roll XIV : The Invasion
My Rating: 4/10


Just want to say that the SRR magic continuously loses its spark.  The franchise used too much computer graphics that it a lot of things look unrealistic.  I just wish that the effects were believable so other people can appreciate the horror part more.

8. Rigodon
My Rating4/10


So-so movie for me. Yam Concepcion is really, really hot though!

9. Post Grad
My Rating: 7/10


I should have watched this right after I graduated (two years ago!). Alexis Bledel is a little boring.  Maybe Lucy Hale is a better actress for this kind of role.  But the struggles of the main girl is one thing I really experienced and is still experiencing so it’s great that this movie shows what I, including a lot of fresh graduates, actually feel.

10. In the Name of Love
My Rating: 9/10

In the Name of Love Movie Poster (400 x 575)

Rewatched this movie for the third time and I still felt the same way as when I first watched it. The actors in this movie is superb!! Kudos to Angel Locsin, she pulled off this kind of character so well. The storyline is great, but the ending could probably be better.  I felt like it shouldn’t have ended the way it did.

11. World War Z
My Rating: 6/10


Ehhh..  Since I’m a fan of Walking Dead, I didn’t enjoy this as much. I don’t even remember any scene in this movie that made an impact.

12. Would You Rather?
My Rating: 8/10


My brother says it’s a bit predictable but I actually didn’t expect that it would end.  Maybe because I was hoping for another ending.  There were some scenes where I can’t bear to watch not because of the gore (it’s not too violent compared to others), but because it just breaks my heart.

13. Paano Ko Sasabihin?
My Rating: 7/10


I have a post about this movie a few months back.  Erich and Enchong have the talents and looks to be lead stars but they are (still) underrated up to now.  Anyway, the movie’s tone is beautiful, simple, but I found the storyline quite captivating.

14. Txt
My Rating: 7/10


Rewatch. Bad ending, but overall, I liked it a lot.  There’s this one scene that I can still remember up to now because I’ve never seen it in any horror movie yet.  That particular scene is amazing because it really freaked me out!

15. The Call
My Rating: 9/10


I watched this with my brother and Mommy who loves action movies.  It’s action-packed, not draggy at all.  I like the plot too.  It can be irritating at times, but it was full of suspense so we enjoyed it very much.

16. Starting Over Again
My Ratings: 10/10

Gosh, I love this movie to bits.  In my opinion, this is so much better than One More Chance! And guhhh Piolo Pascual is perfecftion.

17. Bride For Rent
My Rating: 8/10


I hate Xian Lim with a passion.  He’s lucky he has this incredible chemistry with Kim Chiu onscreen.  It’s not as funny as Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? , in my opinion. I still think Kim Chiu alone deserves all the praises for this movie.

18. Frozen
My Rating: 10/10


Let it go~ let it go~ it’s been a year since this movie came out but people can’t seem to really let it go. Haha! I loved the story, I loved Anna (strong lead girls FTW), I loved everything about it, most especially the OST!

19. On The Job
My Rating: 10/10


Watched it for the third time.  It’s not something that most people would want to rewatch more than once.  It’s heartbreaking and dark, but it’s that good.  I recommend this to everyone! Director Erik Matti did a great job! Goosebumps everywhere.

20. The Strangers
My Rating: 7/10


So-so slasher movie with a disturbing character with no story at all. Maybe I just like back stories but in this movie, we didn’t get one.  I didn’t understand the point of this movie at all.

21. Insidious: Chapter 2
My Rating: 7/10


I liked this better than the first movie!

22. Trick r Treat
My Rating: 4/10


Not my type.  The flow of the story is somewhat confusing.  I loved the plot twist though.  But in general, I find it too messy.

23. Gravity
My Rating: 7/10


The shots are beautiful and breath-taking, it makes you feel like you’re in space too! But without a story and strong dialogues and interactions between the characters, there were some scenes that I almost fell asleep.

So there. Up next : April to June movies! 😀

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