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Better late than never, right?

I started to tear up as soon as I typed this blog entry because BTOB warms my heart in so many ways ♥ I know I’m a new Melody and there’s still a lot that I need to know about these seven dorks, but it doesn’t matter. I love them all and I am so happy and proud of everything they accomplished. We all know how hard they worked for this so it makes me very happy to see them *finally* getting the recognition they deserve.

The boys wanted to win so bad and we all feel that (no matter how much they deny it!). But even so, they always remind Melodies that as long as we’re there to cheer them on, they’d be okay. That’s why everyone worked so hard for this win and it’s all worth the wait. It may just be another trophy for the orders, but for BTOB and Melodies, it’s like a validation of the boys’ overflowing talents 🙂

I wasn’t as active in this comeback compared to the previous one but I’m always around, supporting them silently 🙂 A big hug to all Melodies who made this possible, you guys are amazing! We all appreciate everything you do for BTOB~ ♥

Watch their touching speech below:

Huhu I know the boys didn’t expect this at all (and tbh, I didn’t expect too much too because personally, I think the “It’s Okay” era was better) and were caught off-guard.  But once it started to sink-in, I saw the tears in their eyes.  Uwaa, cute.

One regret — though I’m ecstatic that they won, my heart broke for Sungjae at the same time.  Why win when he’s not there?! I got into BTOB because of Sungjae and seeing the boys get their first trophy without him felt like someone shot through my heart TT___TT I just wanted to see his face when it was announced that they FINALLY won.  Still, I’m very proud of him and at least Eunkwang immediately acknowledge his absence.  Please come back soon Sungjae because we all miss you! TT___TT; Fighting!

Lastly, to whoever made this, BLESS YOU.

Congratulations, BTOB! Looking forward to all your projects in the future.  Melodies, let’s do this! ♥

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