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[Over] Achieved! Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015

Hooray! I still can’t believe it until I saw my Goodreads Reading Challenge Update: I read 40 books so far, even when I only set 20 books as my goal this year! I started tracking my books since 2011 so I’m not really sure how many books I read years before that, but I’m confident that I haven’t read this many books in a year. sobs pats self


Will update this by the end of the year 🙂 Hopefully I can add more books, maybe I should change my goal to at least 45 books? Btw, some of the books I read are just short stories / novellas.

Read more for mini reviews 🙂

EDIT: (01/02/16)

I completed the challenge by reading 50 books in 2015. Updated list (added ten more books) under the cut!



Infinity by Sarah Dessen

This one’s extremely short.  I liked Sarah Dessen since The Truth About Forever, but I don’t think she’s suited for short stories like this.  The book’s characters have no names except for the boyfriend and there’s not plot, etc.  There’s nothing special with this book, just read her other works instead.  It didn’t even leave me wanting for more.

Rating : ★★

One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin

One of the cutest books I’ve read this year! I often found myself laughing and giggling like a teenager, lol.  I’m not usually into bestfriends-turned-lovers stories, but this one is too cute to pass.  Suzie is sometimes irritating but Harry’s 100 proposals made me forget its flaws.  I highly recommend if you like fun, cheesy, love stories! I can still remember some of the proposals in the book and I thought, some of them are really, really good ideas for a real-life wedding proposal.  Maybe I’d ask my boyfriend to read this too, for future reference.  LOL.

Rating : ★★★★★


Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster

A bit disappointed that the book’s too short because we need more Judy / Jervis moments, to be honest.  I remember falling in love with the anime version yeaaaars ago and I guess I just want to relive that.  Judy’s letters were fun to read tho, as she’s as a very relatable heroine.  I remembered writing so many quotes from this book 🙂

Rating: ★★★1/2

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This is my favorite book this year, so far! I thought this will just be another one of those teenybopper books but I was wrong.  I cried and laughed with the characters.  The chats / conversations are genius, Sam and Lincoln’s backstory is heartbreaking.  I highlighted so many parts of the book that I can relate to, or parts where I was touched.  I almost ended up highlighting the whole book. Rainbow Rowell is one of the most popular authors nowadays and now I understood why! I should read more of her works because of this. So far I’ve only read Attachments and Fangirl.  Bought a copy of Eleanor and Park, too! We’ll see.

Rating : ★★★★★


Never Never (1-2) by Collen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Rating these books as one because I felt that the books are too short and there’s no need to make another book out of it.  They should’ve just added new chapters! Anyway, look how pretty the covers are! But sadly the story isn’t my cup of tea.  It’s a fast read because both books were only around 100+ pages long and because the story is super confusing, you’d want to find out what’s going on already.  SPOILER : Still no conclusion because sadly, there will be a third book.  This is my second Colleen Hoover but like the first CoHo book I read, it’s just not my type.  Oh well, I tried.  But I vowed to read her other books so I can understand why she is so popular!

Rating : ★★★

The Boyfriend Thief by Shanna Morris

This is one of those books where you can’t decide whether you like it or not.  It was a fun and light read but the female lead Avery is so frustrating! I loved Zac since the start of the book, but this girl is so full of drama I wanted her out of Zac’s life.  I am very easy to please but it’s just too hard to love the book if the lead girl is this annoying.  Maybe I am just too old to be affected by high school kids’ problems?  That’s what I’ve been telling myself while reading this book anyway.  Zac deserved so much better.

Rating : ★★★

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Definitely the saddest book I read this year. This book has some of the heaviest scenes I read.   Hands down to the author who wrote Peter Pan’s story in Tinkerbell’s point of view! It’s nothing like I’ve ever read before– my feelings of sympathy for Tiger Lily was so strong that her lonelines haunted me.  The other characters are strange, complex, and a whole lot different than the characters we thought we knew.  It’s a retelling of a classic and major changes had to be made.  But it was beautifully written, and the author just knows how to pull one’s heartstrings.  The last chapter broke me and I don’t think I recovered from the sadness.

Rating : ★★★★★


Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil

What is up with me that I almost always dislike the heroines in all the books I read?  The premise of the book is interesting in a geeky, Big Bang Theory-kind of way.  But the lead girl, Camilla, is nothing like Penny.  Instead of blending in with the group, she still feels like an outcast to me because I can’t connect with her character at all.  Overall, it’s geeky, witty, and fun! So yep, four stars for the four friends — Sam, Adrian, Mike, and Allison.  Minus one star because of Camilla.

Rating: ★★★★

PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

I love love love the first book, but for this one, I’m not as thrilled.  It introduced another boy, John Ambrose McClaren who I think is waaay better than Peter Kavinsky.  To think I loved Peter in the first book! The story has a slower pace, a bit predictable, and a little shallow for my taste.  That, coming from someone as shallow as myself, lol.  Lara Jean never grew up, she’s as immature as ever! I’m glad the side characters are interesting enough– most especially Kitty and Cris.  They made so much more sense compared to Lara Jean, who, until now, has no nickname.  I don’t think there will be a next book but when it ended, I felt like I was left hanging.  Don’t expect too much, you’d be disappointed.  I warned you.

Rating: ★★★

All is Bright by Sarah Pekkanen

This is just a short story but the characters and back story was well-described, so it’s like I read a 100-page book.  It’s about acceptance and moving on, but for some reason, it affected me so much to the point where I felt my heart breaking for all characters. I can’t really write a full review since this just 30 pages long, but the the pain I felt while reading is more than enough for me to rate this five stars.  Also, I got copies of her other books and hopefully, it will not disappoint 🙂

Rating: ★★★★★


Love, Accidentally by Sarah Pekkanen

Another short story from Sarah Pekkanen and when I realized that the lead girl featured this character (nope not spoiling) from All is Bright, I got so excited because I loved that story! This one isn’t as heavy as the first one, but it still managed to make me all emotional.  The author is so good that she can convey all these feelings  about love, hope, and forgiveness, even in just short stories.

Rating: ★★★★


Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

I tried, but I’m not really into poetry 🙁 I read this in one sitting but I’m not sure if I actually absorbed anything.  I highlighted some parts but that was it, if you ask me now which part is my favorite, I wouldn’t be able to answer that because frankly, I don’t remember anything about it at all.  The covers of her books are so beautiful but I don’t think I’d purchase another one.

Rating: ★★


The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre

This book made me a fan of Alessandra Torre.  I almost read all of her books this year! I love her writing style a lot– easy on the eyes, short chapters (Okay, okay I have short attention span!), descriptive without being draggy or boring.  I love how she thinks outside the box and give us amazing storylines and not just write erotica just for the sake of it.  This one in particular is fast-paced, you wouldn’t even notice that this book’s about to end because it makes you want to come back for more, making you guess until the end of the book.  Also, did you know there’s going to be a movie adaptation for this? I am beyond excited!

Rating: ★★★★★







Tangled, Holy Frigging Matrimony, and Tangled Extra Scenes by Emma Chase

One of my friends recommended this author and insisted that I read her Tangled series because it’s funny, sexy, and sweet.  Well, yeah it was mostly sexy because it’s erotica but for the sweet and funny part, I’m not so sure.  Personally, I don’t like cocky guys in general, and what made it worse is the books are written in the guy’s point of view! So many readers were smitten by Drew’s cockiness sexiness, but I guess I just wasn’t one of them? It’s sad because the lead girl is supposed to be a strong, intelligent woman but of course, she fell in love with the a**hole that is Drew Evans.  It was still enjoyable tho, I even read the extra books.  But as for the sequels, I think I’ll pass.

Rating: ★★


Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

This is my first Alessandra Torre book and I really liked the story! I read this without knowing what the plot is and avoided spoilers as much as i can.  Good thing I did that because it’s the first time  I read something like this or else I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.  The characters are well-written as usual, and it’s impossible to put the book down until you figure out what the actual fuck is happening. There are plot holes and unrealistic scenes, but I didn’t notice that at first to be honest, lol.   Btw, it’s my first erotic novel too.  After Alessandra Torre’s works I don’t think I’ll ever read Fifty Shades of Grey.  Team Alessandra Torre all the way! 😉 PS I think Lee is one of the hottest erotica heroes ever.

Rating: ★★★★★

Reasonable Doubt (1-3) by Whitney Gracia Williams

Another recommendation from a friend.  All three of the books are short so I devoured all of them in a day.  I don’t understand why it had such a high score on goodreads.  Everything screams *RAPE* to me! I even rated the second book a 1 star, I can’t remember why but it probably had something there that made me want to pull all my hair out.  I didn’t like any of the books, the story isn’t sexy for me at all, and if you think the plot’s clever… Meh.  Plus I don’t think Andrew and Aubrey are believable as a couple.

Rating: ★★






To Have, To Hold, Till Death, Do Us Part (1-4) by Alessandra Torre

Because I’m a self-declared Alessandra Torre fan, I tried to look for all her novels and ended up with this four-part Dumont Diaries.  The books are short and can be read in one sitting too, but so far, these are my least favorite books of hers.  I don’t know how to put it nicely, but I find it immoral overall? I don’t know, it gets you hooked so you have to read the next books to understand the story, but it didn’t work for me.  There are just too many unanswered questions. I was also waiting for the guy, Nathan, to redeem himself after all the horrible things he did.  But he didn’t. PS the books I got had prettier covers that’s why I started this series.

Rating: ★★



Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

This isn’t a love story so if that’s what you’re looking for, stay away.  I have a friend who’s obsessed with Stockholm Syndrome in books so this is pretty much one of those slave-master stories. It made me sick, it made me feel the emotions of the captive, it made me angry.  The fact that it made me feel a rollercoaster of emotions means that the author’s storytelling is effective.  It’s a very quick read, I highly recommend this if you want to understand issues like this better.  And nope, this isn’t the same as Aleatha Romig’s Consequences, far from it.

Rating: ★★★★


Tight by Alessandra Torre

Black Lies still remains as my favorite Torre book, but this one is worth the read too.  If there’s anything I didn’t like about it, it’s because it relied too much on the big plot twist instead of the details leading there.  As usual, her writing is flawless but this time, I didn’t care for the characters that much.  It didn’t blow my mind because no matter how shocking the twist is, if you’re disconnected with the characters, then you wouldn’t really feel anything.

Rating: ★★★★


Consequences by Aleatha Romig

The most memorable characters I’ve read this year– Anthony Rawlings and Clare Nichols– hands down.  It was so beautifully written and the details in this book are so clever, you wouldn’t notice its importance it until you read the next one.  I love the twists and the character developments.  Weeks after reading the first book, my friend and I continue to discuss the book, as if Clare and Anthony are really our friends because we cared that much for them!

Rating: ★★★★


Truth by Aleatha Romig

I can’t get over Anthony and Clare’s story so I decided to read the rest of the series.  This is the first audiobook I purchased so it is that special to me .  Aleatha Romig’s books are longer than most of the books I read this year but all those details are worth it.  There were so many frustrating parts in this book, mostly because it’s like a soap opera, but I’m not really complaining.  I want to understand the characters more so I’m definitely reading the last book!

Rating: ★★★★


The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

I can’t put into words how beautiful this book is.  And to think I didn’t like the story at all.  It reminded me so much of the classic movie The Thorn Birds because the plot is similar.  The conversations are witty and heartbreaking.  The heroine is someone that cannot be easily forgotten. Also, Wesley’s character is so endearing, it hurts.  I cannot recommend this enough.  Please do not stop reading until the end.  Also, for some reason, what affected me the most are the side characters– Zach and Grace.  God, their love story is one of the most mature love stories I’ve seen.  I cried reading this.

Rating: ★★★★★

Sex, Love, Repeat by Alessandra Torre

I should’ve stopped myself from reading spoilery reviews. Sigh.  If I hadn’t known the plot twist, I would’ve paid more attention to this book.  I can’t remember details that well because I skimmed some parts but the ending is cute and fluffy, far from how it started.  This one’s much lighter compared to her other books, in my opinion.  SPOILER : This book reminds me of The Vampire Diaries so much, except that the brothers aren’t really vampires.  LOL.

Rating: ★★★


My Last Resolution by Whitney Gracia Williams

Because I hated Reasonable Doubt, I gave the writer another go and tried one of her books again.  I ended up more disappointed than ever.  This is just a short novella and while it started out intriguing, it ended up being weird and unrealistic.  Most people loved it, I didn’t.  Two stars though for the amazing best friend! Everyone  and everything else in this book, I’d like to forget.

Rating: ★★


The Betrayal by Aleatha Romig

I loved Consequences and Truth  and I was thrilled when she released another book.  This is the first of five books of the Infidelity Series but don’t judge it by its title 😉 To be honest I was bored for the most part of the book but at 75% onwards, I couldn’t put it down! Ah, Aleatha Romig is amazing! I’m pretty sure not everyone wants a female lead with three different personas, but I kinda liked it. The ending was such a cliffhanger though and January can’t get there soon enough.

Rating: ★★★★

The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

I love that the lead girl’s a bitch so that makes her relatable.  She’s not the perfect, pretty princess you usually see in Romance Novels which makes the book easy to read.  It’s the first Tarryn Fisher book I read (well I read Never, Never but she wrote it with Colleen Hoover) and I must say, now I’m a fan.  I just hoped the plot’s a little different by the end of the series, because looking back, it wasn’t as deep as I thought, lol.  Enjoyable read though.

Rating: ★★★★★

Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

Because I already declared myself a Tarryn Fisher fan, I read this all in one sitting! Now I understand all the Leah hate BUT how can someone so despicable be so interesting, too? I loved being in her head and reading her evil thoughts. Mwahaha.  This is such a good book, it’s crazy and compelling and I love it so much.  This is is my favorite book from the series.  I hated Leah, I LOVED Dirty Red.  Maybe the one thing I didn’t like is the ending– I guessed it right since the beginning of the book.  Heee.

Rating: ★★★★★

Thief by Tarryn Fisher

I devoured all three books in less than a week– that’s how much I love it.  But maybe I expected too much from Caleb,  the male lead in all three books. I was so excited to read everything from his POV but personally, this just made me feel annoyed because of how weak, indecisive, and cheesy his character is.  I was hoping for a little more depth from him but sadly, it didn’t happen.  What I did like though is *spoiler* his relationship with his daughter.  That was precious.  His relationship with the two girls, at some point, I didn’t even care anymore.  However I saved so many quotes from the book because T. Fisher’s writing is so beautiful.

Rating: ★★★

Her Master’s Courtesan by Lily White

Hmm, how do I even start?  Maybe if I didn’t read Comfort Food, I’d rate this a little bit higher.  I didn’t give this two stars because it wasn’t a light, fluffy, read– I expected that already.  Before reading, I already knew this is not a love story and would just be disturbing overall.  But when I read a few months back, even if that book is really short, it gave me more emotion than this one.  There were too many sex scenes that I found myself skipping a lot of pages.  Sorry but I can’t help but compare it with Comfort Food just because I read it first.  However, there’s this particular scene in this book that is so disturbing and made me afraid of dogs even more.  *shivers*

Rating: ★★

Enticed by Ginger Voight

A good friend recommended this to me because she loved the whole series.  Well, I can’t comment much because the book felt like an introduction and nothing important really happened? The conversations weren’t that believable for me, it was too perfect for my liking.  It was set in the modern times but I felt like reading another version of the Sound of Music, haha.  I understand how she made the female character NOT skinny so other women can relate, but I just can’t.  Even the kid’s dialogue sounded too mature.  I’m not sure if I will read the rest of the series.

Rating: ★★★

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Wow, I am so in love with this book *__* It might be too cheesy for some, but I found myself highlighting so many parts of it like crazy.  Like Attachments, I consider this as one of my favorite reads this year.  It’s similar to One Day (and they actually mentioned it in the book LOL) but reading about it makes it better.  I loved the main characters– Ben and Fallon– mostly because they felt anime-ish to me.  Haha, I am biased like that.  The story is a bit predictable as well, but I really love Colleen Hoover’s writing here.  I used to say that I’m not a big fan of CoHo (I didn’t like Hopeless) but this book changed my mind.  I just want the leads to be together at the end, and she writes their journey so beautifully, I cry rainbow tears.  And yep, it’s a happy ending and I loved it.

Rating: ★★★★★

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Just when I thought I’ve had enough of NA books, I came across this series because the reviews were super high.  I really really wanted to like this book, but sadly, I didn’t. 🙁 It was just okay, not mind-blowing, not even cute for me.  Friends turned to lovers is one of the most common storylines which I don’t enjoy that much.  Also, I’m currently watching an Asian Drama (with a  similar storyline!) while reading this and maybe the main reason why I didn’t like it is because I was so used to ~Asian culture~– cute and light and innocent.  Or maybe I wasn’t in the mood for all the detailed sex scenes in this book.  Call me cheesy all you want, but sometimes I wish for more romance, less sex. Heeeheee.

Rating: ★★★



The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

This is just a short story but it managed to creep me out. It would be scarier if I read this when I was younger or if I didn’t have any idea about The Hunger Games.  The ending gave me chills, though.

Rating: ★★★





Do Not Disturb by Alessandra Torre

I didn’t put this under the Erotica genre because it was more of a thriller than a romance/erotica for me, which is good.  I love suspense and it reminded me of serial killer movies which I’m a big fan of.  I liked the dark mood of the book but I just wish the *spoiler* killing scene was extended / more detailed.  The buildup was too long so when the killing part was finally there, it was quite disappointing.  Surprisingly, I liked the first book more even though this one contained more action.

Rating: ★★★★


Naomi’s Room by Jonathan Aycliffe

If I remember correctly, I found this on a list of Most Terrifying Books.  There were some creepy parts and there was one particular chapter that was so scary that gave me trouble sleeping.  Huhu, I can still imagine that scene until now!  But what I didn’t like is the ending.  It didn’t actually solve anything for me. The last parts of the book didn’t make me feel hate, anger, or even pity.  It ended just like that.

Rating: ★★★1/2


The Magpies by Mark Edwards

Despite the relatively low reviews, I enjoyed this one a lot! It’s creepy, crazy, and entertaining.  I felt the paranoia of the leads, so I tried so hard to finish the book even though my eyes were already so tired.  That’s how good it is! Crazy neighbors are crazy!  I love the tension I felt through the movie.  The  “tortures” are not gory like I expected, but it’s still messed-up in a good way! Plus the ending’s a treat– it’s like a scene taken out of a Hollywood movie 🙂

Rating: ★★★★1/2


Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

Another book I picked up because the cover is really pretty and it involves dolls.  Dolls don’t creep me out that much, even in movies (except for Child’s Play, because… Chucky!) so I didn’t expect to be scared with this book either.  The first half of the book reminded me of The Conjuring but the second half failed to deliver.  It’s just another teenage book with supernatural elements in it.  But I love Carter so I’d probably read the other books.  Oh, the last chapters were fun to read, too.  I was just expecting it would be a lot scarier than that, or the back story is much deeper.

Rating: ★★★1/2


Why Me? by Sarah Burleton

My last read for 2015! Not exactly a horror / thriller but for more than half of the book, I can’t help but cringe.  This is a book about verbal, physical, and emotional abuse as experienced by the author first hand.  There is no surprise twist, or a plot even, and the epilogue briefly described what happened to the author years after.  This is a very stressful read for me, especially because the main character is just a child when she experienced all these horrible things.  It hurts my heart why all of these has to happen 🙁 So just from the emotional stress I went through when reading this, five stars.  I love books that make me feel something, no matter how simple it was written.

Rating : ★★★★★



Orange by Takano Ichigo

I’m not really fond of reading mangas but my friend asked me to read it and livetweet my reactions.  It only has 22 chapters so, why not?  I ended up falling in love with every character MOST ESPECIALLY Suwa, the second lead.  Which isn’t surprising at all given that I always fall for second leads, huhu.  I love this manga and the story is much better than Ao Haru Ride, imo.  Everything is sad and painful all throughout the series.  Sometimes it can get confusing because of the parallel world storyline but I think, by the end of the series, everybody ended up happy?  Or that’s what I’d like to think. Can’t wait for the live-action adaptation, I have to prepare my heart for this!

Rating: ★★★★★

Yumemiru Taiyou by Takano Ichigo

Ahhh, this manga is so frustrating.  I can’t believe this was written by the same author as Orange (which is a gem!).  It has the most indecisive plot I’ve read so far.  I thought the first chapters were cute and fluffy and I was so giddy.  But I haaate the lead girl so much! If not for the three boys– especially Zen– I’d drop this like a hot potato.  Eventually everyone got annoying and I suffered reading the rest of the chapters because I wanted to finish the manga just for the sake of it.  I wasted so much time reading this.  Bleh.

Rating: ★★


Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan by Ji-Young Gong

English Translation: Our Happy Hours.  I didn’t know that the South Korean film Maundy Thursday (adds to my to-watch list!) was based on this manga.  Holy cow, I’ve never cried this much for a manga! It was amazing albeit only 8 chapters long, I cannot stop crying until I read the last few pages.  It was so sad and the illustrations made it even sadder, huhu.  Just thinking about it pains my heart in so many ways.  I highly recommend this manga, go download and read it now!

Rating: ★★★★★


Fasting by Kazuo Umezu and Hisashi Eguchi

Hahahaha, this is one of the most satisfying mangas I read.  I know I didn’t read a lot, but this one is my favorite so far.  It’s only a chapter long and the story’s too short but it’s still relevant, especially today.  Plus the art– A+! LOL.  This is included in the list of horror and disturbing mangas you must read.  Read it now! Promise, you won’t regret it.  *Winks*

Rating: ★★★★★


Whew! So many books, so little time! I still have six weeks before 2015 ends so good luck to me :)) Add me on goodreads? 🙂 I’d love to see your book shelves, too!



ETA : 01/02/16 This concludes the 50 books I read last 2015. Congratulations, self! 🙂





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