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This is it!

I finally moved!! New blog, yay! πŸ™‚


I still have to fix a lot of stuff esp the layout + links + pages but it’s finally working πŸ™‚ Started this about six years ago for fun, I just needed a space to rant and rave fangirl-y stuff that I can’t share with my friends in real life. Haha.

Bought a domain to force myself to update my blog as often as I can.

Why totallyclueless? I’m not too sure. Maybe because all the usernames I wanted before were already taken. Or because I really loved the movie Clueless. Haha. My new domain was supposed to be wildsofmyheart.co (it’s a KAT-TUN song!) but I got too attached with this username despite neglecting it for so many years :))

I’m excited for my new blog and I’m looking forward to fangirl with all of you soon πŸ™‚


My personal blog isΒ here, it’s new as well ❀️️

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