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Fanmade Video : Another Oh Hae Young’s Eric Mun x Seo Hyun Jin

I have an Oh Hae Young Again post in my drafts for almost two weeks now. I’m still not sure if I can publish it this week because I can’t seem to write anything. I really should learn how to translate all my feelings into words. Haha. I ended up screencapping a lot tho.

Anyway, I still can’t move on (obviously) from this drama and this couple so I compiled their BTS videos! Heeeehee. #Delulu I deleted so many scenes already but the video is still seven minutes long and I had to use the same song twice. LOL.

Here it is! ❤︎

Music: What is Love by Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Seung Woo
Drama: Another Miss Oh / Oh Hae Young Again
Videos: Oh Hae Young Again BTS
Subbed Videos from: @hearts-shinhwa

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