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Hello, I’m Back!

At least for now.


A little back story, my blog, totallyclueless.co, unfortunately got deleted 🙁 I don’t want to remember it anymore because it stresses me out.

Anyway, I survived a year of not blogging, good thing there’s twitter  (follow me? lol shameless plug) and I’ve been very active there a lot.  But I feel uneasy if there are *big events* such as concerts and I can’t seem to fit everything in 140 (now 280 btw!) characters.  I decided to re-open this blog just in case I can’t afford a new domain and hosting yet.  LOL. I just need a place to write and spazz with fellow fans.  Last year was THE BEST fangirling year for me so far and I hope it just gets better from there.

See you all later, while I try to recover my old posts (good thing I have drafts saved but sadly, all the comments and most of the other posts are all gone) 🙁


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