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First Impressions : Princess Jellyfish

I’m in love.

I will probably repeat this endlessly for the rest of my life but: I easily get swayed by visuals. Who doesn’t, anyway?

While I was waiting for my shows, I got bored and checked out Princess Jellyfish on Viu. I remember hearing about the anime and manga before but didn’t bother to read or watch it. After I Am Not A Robot (which I adored, btw), I had no energy to start another KDrama. It happens to me often, getting into a KDrama slump after a drama that I like. So I looked for Princess Jellyfish at MDL and when I saw the ratings were pretty good, I gave the pilot episode a try.

Fifteen minutes into the show and I’m giggling like a crazy teenage girl. As of this writing, I warmed up a bit with Tsukumi’s friends, despite disliking them the first couple of episodes. So it’s safe to say that I really, really love the show already.  I can’t believe we’re more than halfway, I need more!

I can’t deny that I loved this more than what I expected.  Like what I said, VISUALS. All because of Koji Seto. I am head over heels in love with him. Not just his face, or height, or lanky body, but there’s something about him that just draws you in.

I watched the first episode without googling what he looks like as a man so even as a woman, I find him VERY attractive. Look at her!!! So pretty, I am in awe.

I have a soft spot for girls like Tsukumi, too. Ahh, I love quiet, awkward, but talented girls. She’s so innocent and he’s outgoing but both of them are just pure and kind-hearted, and I happen to melt into a puddle of goo the way they both admire each other without realizing that they are falling in love.

Whether he’s dressed as a man or a woman, the way he looks at her is just so cute and pure and makes me go weak in the knees.

You cannot hate Shu either. I thought he was one of those good-for-nothing villains but he is so much more than that. His love for his aniki is astounding– no pretentions and hesitations. I was surprised that as uptight as he looks, there was no judgement on his part with regards to Koranuseke’s cross-dressing. One of my favorite moments from the show was when he was with Tsukimi at the cafe and he was telling her how he looked up to his older brother.  That it was his aniki who saved him since the day he set foot on their house.  I was so touched I almost teared up.  I love a good bromance.


It didn’t help that EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear this song, I feel like my heart is going to burst.​  And this was sung by a Filipina?  I can’t help but feel proud because I actually thought someone like Ayaka sang this.  It’s so heartwarming, you guys.

Anyway! The romance was lowkey, albeit giving a few hints here and there since the pilot episode.  It’s obvious that Kuranosuke is attracted to Tsukumi right from the start but his real feelings start to sink in when he sees Tsukumi with his younger brother.  There was no bad blood between them, and I’m sure he wants the best for both of them but he couldn’t control his feelings any longer.  Ahh, my heart.  JDramas tend to be slower in romance development but the slooow buildup makes me anticipate for more.

I usually fall for second leads but not once did I doubt my love for this ship.

I have no idea what’s going to happen next but I’m super excited for the next episodes.  It sucks that I had to wait a week for a new one! I am used to marathoning my JDramas because they’re just short so now that I had to wait because I’m stupid enough to watch an ongoing series, I have to be patient 😛 It’s been a while since I’m this emotional over a JDrama and an actor.

A precious jellyfish human being


I downloaded Koji Seto’s other drama, Tumbling.   Looks like I have a ton to catch up on since he’s been acting for quite a while already.  Let me start with the ones where he’s the main lead first 😛 I haven’t followed JDramas religiously since 2010 and sure missed out a lot. I have a gut feel Koji Seto will bring me back 😛

7 Replies to “First Impressions : Princess Jellyfish”

  • Ahhh omg I didn’t realised there’s a live-action! I’m such a huge fan of the manga it’s so so so good omg. But they’ve stopped translating at chapt 80+ so I’m so disappointed. It seems like the drama is going way faster than the manga (as live actions do) but I’m still rooting for ryunosuke and tsukimi 😍

    Anyway though I’m never a fan of the live-actions but seeing your post made me REALLY curious. I might wait till it’s completed before diving in though hahaha

    • Ahh, I haven’t read the manga or watched the anime so now that I’ve seen the jdrama, I’m tempted to read/watch them, too! Huhu. I was surprised that there are only four episodes (!!!!!) left and not much has been going on between the OTP hahaha. I need more!!! They are too precious I swear, huhu. 🙂

      Live-actions tend to disappoint, to be honest. So I’m kind of glad I watched this first and had no idea about the other adaptations. Hope the ending will not be too rushed! And if there’s a chance for a second season, I’ll gladly watch Koji Seto for 10 (or 100) more episodes 😀

    • I hope you love it as much as I do! Tomorrow’s the finale bu I don’t think I’ll be ready for this!!!

  • Finally Im here and I love your post on Princess Jellyfish. Although I am a much older person I love to see what the younger generation is doing as it fills me with pride that they are doing something with their lives.

    Yes I will also rewatch this again and look forward to commenting on more of your posts

    • Sorry I didn’t notice this comment until now! I’m much older too but I enjoyed everything a lot 🙂 I’m glad you liked this post, it really made me happy!

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