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Asian Drama Update 2018 : First Quarter

It has been a good start for asian dramas this year! I loved almost all of the dramas I watched these past three month and I hope I can continue this mini review for the rest of the year!


Black (Korean Drama – 2017, 18 Episodes)

Whenever someone asks me if I enjoyed the show, I always tell them that I did– the first 17 episodes, that is. It has one of the worst finales I’ve watched because the plot holes were just too much. I would have rated this higher if not for the last 20 minutes of the show. I felt cheated because almost all the episodes were tightly written except for the finale! It felt like the writer changed halfway through the drama. There were a lot of other scenarios that would make the ending much simpler and a little bit more decent. I couldn’t sleep after watching the finale because I was so bothered about it. But still, I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good suspense / thriller drama. Song Seung-heon, in my opinion, was great in this! His acting improved a lot and he still looks pretty to watch. Heee.

Rating: (8/10)


I’m Not A Robot (Korean Drama – 2017, 32 episodes)

Aahh, the cutest and the fluffiest! This is definitely going to be on my list of favorite Korean Dramas to date. I loved the cast (yes, including all the supporting actors and actresses!) so, so much which is rare because most of the time, there’s this one part of the cast that I don’t like. But this one is almost perfect, if you can forgive some of the inconsistencies in the plot. It’s so cute that everything is forgivable, lol. The OST is great, the chemistry among the leads are great, the OTP is the cutest, etc. I couldn’t ask for anything more. This is the perfect drama to watch after a long, tiring day. There were so many episodes where I cried from too much joy and heartbreak! Definitely my type of drama!

Rating: (9.5/10)


Princess Jellyfish / Kuragehime (Japanese Drama – 2018, 10 episodes)

If you’ve seen my previous post, you probably knew already how obsessed I was with this drama. Watching the first episode got me hooked instantly because 1. I missed Japanese Dramas a lot and 2. Koji Seto is just pure perfection in this. I almost forgot how craaaaazy JDramas can get. I think they make the best slice-of-life dramas and movies, but they create the craziest ones too! When I started the series, I seriously got annoyed by all the side characters but I just couldn’t resist Seto. Since I watched this when it was still airing, it’s painful to wait for the episodes weekly. You had no idea how impatient I was while waiting for the episodes to air. I decided to read the manga because seven days for a new episode is heartbreaking! In general, books are so much better than the movie adaptations but in this case, I’d choose the drama version in a heart beat. I don’t want to oversell and spoil it for you so you might want to check and find out for yourself.

I’ve never been this giddy for so long and I’ve never shipped someone this hard since Reply 1988. Koji Seto immediately became one of my favorite Japanese Actors and I’m planning to watch more of his movies and dramas real soon. Oh, and the theme song A New Day was sung by Beverly, a Filipina! This drama is not for everyone for sure, but I love it so much that I keep rewatching some of the scenes until now ๐Ÿ™‚

Rating: (10/10)


Scum’s Wish / Kuzu No Honkai (Japanese Drama – 2017, 12 episodes)

I’m not sure what to say about this except that my 28-year-old adult self is SHOOKT. I remembered seeing this in a list of jdrama manga/anime adaptations that I should watch. Since it has only 12 20-minute episodes, I gave in and watched. Oh wow, I was expecting a cute high school romance drama (with a lot of cute kisses because I saw some screencaps) but I WAS SO WRONG.

I had no idea about the story but I heard that it was dark and disturbing, a genre that I love. After I finished it, I couldn’t say that it was dark but for me, I agree that it was a bit disturbing since the main characters were still in high school. Call me prude, but I just didn’t feel comfortable watching it.

Rating: (5.5/10)


Wake Up (Taiwanese Drama – 2015, 6 episodes)

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU, Netflix for adding more asian dramas! It feels great to watch dramas legally and with good subs, too! I discovered this when I saw it on my recently added list and gave it a try because there were only six episodes. If it isn’t obvious already, I have short attention span so the fewer the episodes (or the shorter the episodes), the more attractive the drama is for me, lol. Anyway, I’m actually not sure if I like it. There’s a second season so it must be popular? For me, it was a bit predictable and the only character I genuinely liked was Chris Wu’s character. I enjoy medical dramas in general, but this show had barely medical cases per episode. Maybe I need to watch the second season to confirm if I really like it or not.

Rating: (6/10)


I Cannot Hug You / Untouchable (Chinese Drama – 2017, 16 episodes)

Thanks to MyDramaList, I discovered that there’s a Chinese Drama adaptation of my favorite manhwa, Untouchable (I have a blog post about it but unfortunately, it got erased along with my other posts ๐Ÿ™ )! Huhuhu I’m so happy! While I didn’t like the cast based on the trailer, I gave the first episode a try AND I AM SO HAPPY!!!! My favorite manhwa came to life and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but CDrama/TwDrama makes cheesy love stories the best. I’m not too fond of the actor who plays Simba but I like Sia and Jiho a lot. Jiho is like Yang Yang and the male lead of Just between Lovers COMBINED.

I haven’t downloaded the rest of the episodes yet but will get back to it soon. Just a warning tho, the acting is awful so expect cringe-worthy scenes a lot. Haha,


Tumbling (Japanese Drama – 2010, 11 episodes)

The Koji Seto obsession brought me here! I’m more than satisfied because there’s Miura Shohei in here too. I never understood the Yamamoto Yusuke craze since forever but I try to not focus on his character too much. The episodes are repetitive (pretty much all school dramas during mid-2000s were like this if I remember correctly) so it’s difficult to watch this in one go. But for all these ikemen, I’d finish the last three episodes for sure!


A Love So Beautiful (Chinese Drama – 2017, 23 episodes)

I wanted to make a separate post about it because this drama is everywhere! Most of my friends and twitter mutuals love it so it’s impossible to pass. Also, I’m a huge fan of high school love stories (I’m an Our Times trash!!!) especially if it’s set in the 90’s or early 2000s. ALSB was set in 2005 (I graduated high school in 2006) so in present time, I am as old as the characters.

Maybe I expected too much, but I didn’t like it as much as the others. I don’t want to sound like I’m trying hard to be cool because I didn’t like what’s popular but it just doesn’t do much for me in the feelings department. More than half the time I was annoyed by the male lead. As usual, I tend to fall for the second lead but my love for him isn’t even enough to say that I love the drama. For now, there are only five episodes for me to watch. I’ll leave all the judgement until then and hopefully, write about it in the future.

3 Replies to “Asian Drama Update 2018 : First Quarter”

  • I didn’t know Untouchables had a drama adaptation!! But since you mentioned that the acting is awful I might give it a pass lol. And apparently the manga for Kuzu No Honkai is pretty highly rated, I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but was never in the right mood since I know it’s pretty dark and twisted lol. Must’ve been such a shock for you diving in like that. And I’m so sad A Love So Beautiful didn’t work out for you!! But I totally understand that. I’ve hated dramas that the entire drama world seems to be raving about. But anyway great post!!

    • I had no idea until I saw it on MyDramaList, too! I enjoyed the first couple of episodes because I love the story so much, but yeah, the acting is bad. Like, really bad. HAHA.

      As for Kuzu No Honkai, I was really shocked! I had no idea it will turn out to be like that. I guess I would like it better if it’s a bit darker? I didn’t like the editing but the leads were okay, especially the female lead ๐Ÿ™‚

      Aww, I’m really sad about it too! I still have two episodes left and maybe, because of Wu Bosong, I find it super difficult to love Jiang Chen. Hopefully they wrap it up nicely because I stopped watching after episode 22, I cried like a baby!

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