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Twitter Updates

Happy Holidays everyone! How have you been? 🙂 I haven’t posted in a while because I finally got a job! *happy dance* But having work meant less time for fangirling, though.  I missed the days when I used to just Read more…

Movie Reviews : January to March 2014

A bit late for this, eh? I used to manually write in my planner the movies and TV shows I watch, but luckily, there’s imdb!  My movies and shows are now organized plus I get to rate them and see other Read more…

The Fault(s) in The Fault in Our Stars : Book and Movie

*** See, I’m 24 years old already but I’ve always thought of myself as very very shallow. LOL. I get giddy, sad, happy, and frustrated easily. I’m very easy to please, tbh. So I’m not quite sure why everyone else Read more…